Busyness and this Crazy Desire for More!

Today I want to write a brief article on Busyness. I came across a video that I think churches across North America need to watch. Here is the Link:


This video suggests that busyness is robbing life from the church and our faith. We tend to prioritize everything else, including work, and then we try to squeeze our faith and church in when it fits. Even as a youth pastor I can get so preoccupied with my work that I forget to spend time in the presence of the Lord. Last week was a prime example; I had a crazy busy week (as most youth pastors do this time of year) and I made the mistake of squeezing God in when I could. I made it worse by thinking the way for me to rest after a busy week was to vegetate on my couch on my day off. What I should have been doing is coming into His presence and finding rest in Him. Part of this busyness we see is motivated by a desire for more; more fun and more happiness. Unfortunately we look to the wrong things for these feelings. We think that if we work more we can buy more stuff and be happy because we have nice things. We think that if we get better at a sport or hobby that we will have greater self-esteem or be more liked by those around us. We think that we can find rest behind a T.V. or playing a video game. It makes mes sick how twisted our priorities are. We have succumbed to so many other gods. Luckily for us God is gracious and continually invites us into His presence with open arms. He is the only place we can find rest and fulfillment.

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