Seek and You Shall Find!

Sometimes during youth group I have these moments where I think to myself; ” man its so cool how God can teach me even though I am a leader.” The last couple of weeks in youth group, as per our theme, we have been studying perspective. As I have reflected on this theme over the past couple of months I have come to realize that humans are very easy to manipulate or indoctrinate. Typically our world assumes that it is the church or religion that indoctrinates. However as I scroll through facebook, twitter, and yes more recently, instagram, I realize that the secular gospel is a powerful one. Every cliche picture or statement is wrapped up in a shell of self-promotion and vague spirituality. Any post that promotes free will, a pursuit of pleasure or selfishness is glorified. Anything that involves a denial of self or an allegiance to God is trashed as outdated even though our society promotes the idea of  acceptance and openness. The elections are a another prime example. If I dare put any of my political opinions online numerous people will brow-beat me with a barrage of statements to destroy my political views if they aren’t what the crowd believes or values. In a world that promotes autonomy and self-actualization I find it extremely interesting how close-minded and bigoted many can be towards a different opinion or position.

OK that may have been a bit of a rant.

Back to our youth group theme. I want to say that what I have learned is that perspective is really important. We all see life through a lens and sometimes we forget that. We all approach live with different presuppositions.  I think it is important to really make an effort to focus our perspective and sharpen it. I firmly believe that if we as humans seek the truth wholeheartedly we will find it. I believe that if you truly seek truth you will find it in Jesus because He is truth. So many people in this world seek to find wholeness and fulfillment in themselves and feel empty. I want you to know that Christ is where we find wholeness and truth. Test the concept…try to find truth and I believe you will find it in Jesus. I think we have to start with renewing our focus or perspective.

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